Mo Hippa - CD

Mo Hippa - CD

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Featuring Jon’s live band, the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, this disc was recorded live at The Vanguard in Sydney, Australia and rocks from beginning to end. Recorded beautifully, it shows off the talent of Jon’s band members and Jon in a live context, which is really where New Orleans funk musicians shine at their best. “Port Street Blues” and “Help Me Somebody” are sweet and soulful while the title track has a Monster pocket that will shake the walls.

Released March 2008

Track List:

  1. Go To The Mardi Gras
  2. People Say
  3. C’mon Second Line
  4. Tipitina
  5. Cheatin On You
  6. Port Street Blues
  7. Help Me Somebody
  8. Groove Me
  9. When You Get Back
  10. Mo Hippa
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